by mae glutz

original mesh clothing & accessories by mae glutz.
specializing in unique & alternative designs.

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frequently asked questions

✝ will you make 'x' for the body mod 'y'? or will you fit this product to a different body?
with the large amount of bodies & body mods, it usually comes down to personal preference, & what's best for me from a business standpoint. i do not have any plans to add new bodies to my lineup at the moment.

✝ i did not receive this item/i lost this item.
products can be redelivered by visiting my mainstore, even if they were purchased from an event or the marketplace. if the item was a no copy gacha, it is not able to be redelivered.

✝ can i have a refund?
all sales are final. please read the product descriptions & try the demo before purchasing. more info on refunds can be found under policies.

✝ where can i find this product? or, why can't i buy this product from your mainstore?
if there's a landmark sign under the product, it is still exclusive to the event. please teleport to the event by clicking the landmark giver. if it's an older item that is not in the older items room, it may be retired. many of my kemono only items have been retired.

✝ this item was listed as modifiable, but it's not.
because of the scripts inside items, in your inventory they may say (no modify) after the object name. rez them on the ground, and they will be modifiable. scripts, huds, appliers, & some old gachas will not be modifiable.

✝ where are the texture/ao/uv maps for "x"?
newer products have modding maps in the "info and thanks" notecard. older products had the textures packed in the box. if they were not included, please make sure that the product even had them advertised to be included (most do!). if they are missing, contact me.

✝ mall & vendor locations
i am not interested in satellite locations at this time. ♥

✝ can i be a model in your ads?
sorry, i do not use any models for my ads. however, you can apply to be a blogger!

✝ can i become a glutz blogger?
glutz now uses blogotex. please apply using the access portal in-world.

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✝ no refunds
all of my main item products (excluding gachas) are no transfer. this means that they can not be returned. therefore, refunds are not able to be given. the only time i will offer a refund is if you double purchased an item, with proof. gachas can not be refunded, because they are a random output.

✝ redelivery
if you have accidentally deleted an item, or lag caused your item to never be delivered, head to my mainstore and look for the redelivery terminal (on the front desk). to try and protect myself from scamming, i do not deal with every redelivery personally. if you have purchased an item and it is not showing on the available redeliveries, please send me a notecard, with the transaction ID (found on

✝ demos
demos are put on products so you can test them before you buy them, that way you are sure you want to purchase them. make sure you like the fit, textures, & features before purchasing, because there are no refunds.

✝ compatibility
checking the demo of a product will ensure that the product has the body size & mod that you're looking for.

✝ modding
all products are modifiable. see faq if you're having trouble with this.

✝ in-world group rules
posting the current number/letter for lucky boards & midnight madnesses is allowed
spoiling hunt locations is not allowed, & is bannable.
no roleplaying, vile language, arguing, or other hurtful words
feel free to ask where you can find a certain item
spamming, being rude, and passive aggressive comments not permitted

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✝ best ways to contact me:
fastest way: discord server's glutz-support channel
in world: notecard to maeglutz resident
business email:

please do not send IMs if i'm offline, i won't get them!

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2020 updates

hello everyone! if you couldn't tell by the survey i sent out a week or so ago, i've been thinking about redoing the 'sale model' (or whatever you would call it) for glutz. as always, i'd like to be as transparent as possible for you guys, & be able to make everything easier for both old & new customers to understand. i feel like i'm probably rambling, but, hey! even if no one wants to read this, it'll make me feel better letting it out!

TL:DR & Q&A at the bottom .. sorry .. i had a lot to say

for years (4 or 5 now? holy crap.) i've sold products by body sizes .. well if you didn't know i started as making for only kemono. so when i started to branch out to other bodies, it made sense to just sell the separate bodies in their own packs. as you know this is probably the least popular way to sell things. probably 90% of clothing makers sell by colors. i've had a lot of trouble with people purchasing the wrong body size in confusion (if you're in my discord, you've seen a lot of tickets about that, lol!), & had to drop out/reject of weekend sales & certain events which had specific ways of selling 'single' one color items. it's been frustrating but i understood how buying separate colors was annoying for customers.

now that i create for a lot more bodies, & now that i see customers are switching bodies often, it is time to stop selling by body packs. the question was, did i want to sell by full fatpacks, or go color like everyone else.. so that's where my survey came from.

but here's the funny part.

the results were so, extremely close!

so i tried to think of which would be easiest for customers, both new & old.

one, i wanted to keep my prices pretty similar, so people weren't expected to pay more for what they're used to buying.

two, i wanted to be fair with pricing & content. i know that people voiced that single colors are annoying in the past. plus, i like to include different customization options for mixing & matching sides, accents, etc.

going fatpack would up the prices, & i didn't want to make anyone have to expect higher prices out of nowhere.

so, from now on..


glutz will be selling in color packs, and fatpacks.

color packs are the same prices as body packs were before, & fatpack prices have stayed the same.

color packs will have at least 3 colors per pack.
all packs include all the body sizes currently fitted for the product.
fatpacks will include all the colors available. some colors will be fatpack only.

huds are included in every pack as well, to mix & match & customize, as usual! the non supported colors will have an x on the hud.
all products will still be modifiable!

the mainstore is moving to a new store, & all new products will be in the new selling format. but, what does this mean for old items, that have been sold in body packs?

old products that were sold by body type will now be fatpack only, but marked down to 50%, permanently.

i wanted to be as fair as possible, but i didn't want my mainstore to be confusing, with some body sizes hung up, & some color packs up.

so, i thought the most understandable way to combine the two would be to have the products set up like the rest, but all combined to be sold as a fatpack.

i also didn't want the prices to be too much higher, so most will be marked down 50% permanently. this equals out to about one & a half times the previous price, but you'll have all the body sizes!

what does this mean for other future products?

shoes, accessories, & other random goodies have always been sold in a 'fatpack,' & will continue to be.

it was frustrating to try & add different bodies to old products, since i would have to update marketplace & unsync previous purchases through the site, or have the bodies not be uploaded together. now since things are sold in all body sizes, it will be easier to send out fixes & maybe even add new bodies to older products as well! i have a few in mind >:) also, shout out to all my old body packs being unsynced in version numbers.. that drove me crazy. now they can all be the same!

i've been learning more about 3d modeling & texturing with every item i create. i will strive for every product to be better quality than the last, as i've been doing for years. thank you guys so much for enjoying & supporting my lil shop for many years!

the first product sold in color packs will be zip ur lipz, which is at an event at the time of writing this!

the old products will not be switched over to fatpack only until the remodel is done, which is taking a lot longer to switch everything than i thought it would've.. so if you'd still prefer to buy by body size, you can grab them for now!

if you have any questions, you can always hit up my discord, as you can with any other questions you have about my store, or issues with products.

with love,
mae! ♥

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